What Are Birthmarks?

Birthmarks refer to skin growths that we are born with. The two most common forms are moles and hemangiomas. A mole is a collection of pigment producing cells. A hemangioma is a collection of cells that make up blood vessels.

Birthmarks can be found on any part of the body and usually develop before birth or shortly afterwards. Moles are generally round in shape, brown or black in color and may have hairs. If a mole changes in color or size, it may be a melanoma a potentially fatal skin cancer, as such bring any irregular changing most of the attention of your dermatologist.

The hemangioma often called a strawberry mark is mostly red and sometimes purple. Hemangiomas tend to grow very rapidly, especially just after birth. In general hemangiomas are benign, but if they are numerous or in certain locations they should be evaluated by a dermatologist or paediatrician.

Birthmarks may be removed for cosmetic reasons or if they pose a significant health threat. See our treatment video for more information.