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What is a sensitive skin type?

Sensitive skin refers to skin that shares common symptoms such as irritation, redness, itch, and rashes, often when it comes into contact with certain cosmetic products, clothes, or even laundry detergents. While true allergies are relatively uncommon, sensitivities to common cosmetic ingredients, especially to fragrance, is quite common. If you find that your skin reacts negatively to many skincare products, you very likely have sensitive skin.

Your skin type restricts, sometimes severely, the options that you have for skincare, clothing, and even laundry detergents. Luckily, product manufacturers recognize this, and have made significant leaps in the last several decades that address the specific concerns of this skin type.

What skincare products should I be looking for to manage sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin are not a homogeneous group, all with common triggers. They share only a common sensitivity and reaction to any number of ingredients that may contact the skin. Fragrances are commonly a trigger for people with sensitive skin, but experimentation will be necessary to find the regimen that works for your skin. Luckily product manufacturers now have cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens that are designed for people with sensitive skin, which typically use less ingredients, and stay away from potentially irritating ingredients.

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