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What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common progressive skin condition that is characterized by facial redness and persistent flushing. Early rosacea is often characterized by dilating of the blood vessels, showing red streaks or spider veins on the surface of the face. Inflammatory rosacea is a more advanced form of rosacea where flushing is more persistent and permanent, and acne-like lesions may appear.

Rosacea often begins in the thirties for women, and often affect people with a lighter skin tone, but it can affect anyone. Keep in mind that temporary facial redness can also be caused by more mundane reasons like temperature changes, emotions, alcohol consumption, or even drinking hot tea, and some people simply have rosier complexions. If, however, you notice that the redness becomes persistent, or is worsening, we recommend that you see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.

What lifestyle changes can help reduce rosacea symptoms?

Rosacea is a chronic condition, so managing the symptoms on a daily basis is important. Triggers, or factors that temporarily worsen the symptoms, are the things you want to avoid. What the triggers are can vary from person to person, but there are many well known and researched triggers that you would be best to avoid, such as sun exposure, sudden changes in temperature, hot and spicy foods, and alcohol consumption. Complete avoidance is often not practical or even possible, but being aware and adjusting your lifestyle can make a big difference in how your skin appears.

What skincare products are suitable for managing and treating rosacea symptoms?

If you are diagnosed with rosacea, your skin is likely to be more sensitive to harsh cosmetic products, so we advise you to use gentler products whenever possible. There are several cleansers designed for people with rosacea. Sun protection is important for everyone, but for people with rosacea, or a tendency to flush, the sun often triggers a reaction that makes facial redness worse. Sunscreen use and smart sun protection practices are an important part of caring for your skin.

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