Are there any rosacea treatment products that are available without a prescription?

There are several over the counter products that help reduce some of the symptoms of rosacea. While they are limited in efficacy due to the lower concentration of actives allowed, they can convenient and useful.

What is the right expectation to have with rosacea treatments?

First, if you suspect that you may have rosacea, but haven’t gotten a proper diagnosis, do so. This is very important as symptoms of rosacea can easily be the result of another concern, and early stage rosacea is not always easy to self-identify. If you have rosacea, first follow your doctor’s advice and follow the lifestyle recommendations that the doctor suggests. Once you have a working routine, you may wish to add these treatments to help reduce the symptoms. It is important to keep in mind, however, that currently there is no cure for rosacea, and that efficacy from over the counter products will be limited in effectiveness, but they can be convenient and possibly a helpful product for you.

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