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Why do some moisturizers market themselves as for mature skin? What's the difference between young skin and mature skin?

With age, the sebaceous glands which produce sebum or skin oil weakens, causing the skin to become drier. For women, this effect may be especially pronounced during and after menopause due to quick changes in hormonal levels. It isn’t uncommon for a moisturizer that has previously worked well to become too light to work effectively after a certain age. Also, many products designed for mature skin also contain antioxidants that may have additional benefits for the skin.

What do dermatologists look for in moisturizers designed for mature skin

Dermatologists recommend that each person reassess their skin type at middle age. With age, everyone’s skin becomes drier, so an adjustment in skincare routine may be called for if you notice that products don’t seem to work well. Look for more powerful moisturizers that may have not been necessary when you were younger, and sun protection is even more important now, as the damage will appear quicker at this age.