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Why are moisturizers so important in managing dry skin and eczema?

Moisturizers help fortify the skin’s lipids, providing the assistance that the skin needs to maintain adequate hydration. Moisturizing early and often helps keep eczema in check, which is important to prevent the more serious symptoms of drying such as cracking and bleeding of the skin. Moisturizers also work well in conjunction with medicated treatments.

What do dermatologists look for in recommending moisturizers?

Moisturizers generally contain one or more of these three key components to help the skin restore needed moisture.

Humectants are molecules that attract water from its surroundings. It can give a boost to the skin’s ability to attract moisture.
Occlusive agents limit the amount of moisture that is naturally lost through evaporation.
Emollients are lipids and oils that lubricate the surface of the skin.

At DermApproved, we will be looking closely at the quality of these key actives in moisturizers, and their formulations.


Dry Skin & Eczema

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Dry Skin & Eczema

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