During the endoscopic brow lift procedure, the plastic surgeon will make 4 to 6 short (1 inch) incisions behind the hairline and will insert an endoscope, which has a tiny camera on the tip. This allows the surgeon to explore and surgically remove the muscles responsible for forehead lines and lift the sagging skin on the brow. The skin on the forehead is lifted without removing excess skin from the scalp. The skin is just pulled upward and backward on the skull. To secure the scalp into its new position, the surgeon may drill small holes into the skull and place tiny screws to hold the skin in place. After the area has healed, the screws may be removed.

  • Effective treatment for wrinkles and forehead creases
  • Alleviate tension in the forehead muscles
  • Incisions are well hidden and scarring will be minimal
  • Long lasting results
  • Natural looking results

Conducted by an experienced surgeon, this procedure is generally safe. However, with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection, bleeding and nerve damage. Ensure that you discuss potential risks with your surgeon.

A brow lift procedure can range in price from $3,000 – $12,000, depending on the clinic and complexity of the treatment.

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