A diode laser is used to treat acne. They destroy sebaceous glands, which helps slow down oil production in the skin. The laser is able to penetrate deep into the thick middle layer of skin, without harming the outer layer of skin. Diode lasers are also used to improve skin texture, and lessen the appearance of scars and visible blood vessels.

  • Effective treatment for acne
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Long lasting results
  • Short recovery time

Like all laser treatments, there may be pain experienced during the procedure. To reduce pain, topical analgesics are usually applied to the treatment site before the procedure. Side effects of diode laser therapy may include temporary swelling and redness of the treated areas. These symptoms typically go away after a few days.

The procedures for acne treatment often require multiple visits. Each visit may range in price from $200–$500.

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