The beauty aisle can be full of hopes, promises, and dreams, but it can also be a place of confusion, deception, and disappointment. For an inexperienced shopper, facing the beauty aisle can be as intimidating as staring down the wine labels laden with unfamiliar adjectives. You just want to know what works, just as you just want a good wine, and we’re here to match you with high quality products regardless of the brand.

DermApproved is an independent and unbiased source of information that combines expertise from dermatologists with public opinion to provide you with the most up to date information on skincare products, summarized in a 100 point score. We offer three essential and unique services that will guarantee that you need not look anywhere else if you need help finding the right beauty product.

1. Consumer Experience Index

The Consumer Experience Index is a single 100 point score based on an aggregation of user reviews from the largest and most influential skincare websites on the Internet. We let the consumers be the ultimate judge of skincare products. Why users instead of critics and experts? Consumers judge based on different criteria from  skincare experts: Dermatologists, industry, or critics. Price and value, texture, branding, packaging–the factors that make up the overall experience of a product–are often left out by the experts or critics who seek a more objective criteria to judge the merit of a product. In the real world, however, the total experience matters, and consumers want to buy the products that other consumers who already bought the product were satisfied with, and ultimately, the scores are for our users, not a panel of scientists.

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2. Personalized Advice by Areas of Concern or Skin Type

We believe that consumers should decide the product score–they are in the best position to evaluate a product’s experience, and users ultimately want to know what other consumers think. While a 100 point score is a great way to search up the product you currently use or to look up the product that you notice on a TV ad, it doesn’t answer specific questions about whether it’s the right product for you. The tricky thing about skincare is that a product that works for your friend might not work for you. Skin is unique and individual. Our team of dermatologists help you look at the factors that affect your specific skin concern or your specific skin type. The score is not everything, but combined with the wisdom of expert advice, users know what’s relevant and what’s not for their skin concerns.

3. Educational and Research Resources

The modern consumer is more educated than at any point in history. The Internet has allowed information to flow faster than ever, and this has forced industry to operate more honestly and transparently, and we think that this is great. We want to further this, by organizing the research and turning data into useful information. The Consumer Experience Index gives the user a snapshot of which products are highly rated among thousands of users aggregated from the most popular skincare websites on the Internet. We don’t stop there though. We provide the research on product ingredients, how skin type and skin conditions matter, and might change your decision making, and help you decide what’s relevant and what’s not. DermApproved gives you the quick facts and an easy to access score, but we also help you with your research if you want to delve deeper into how the score was arrived at, what users liked or didn’t like about the product, as well as the key active ingredients that the product uses, and the science behind that. Our mission is to help guide our users through the beauty aisle whether they want to see how a new product is rated, or whether they want to research deep into the ingredient list.

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