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What is eczema?

Eczema is a recurring dryness and inflammation of the skin that affects about 10 to 15% of people, and is becoming more common. Dryness, itching, and thickening of the skin are common features of eczematous skin. The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis, which has a strong hereditary component and can be seen at around 6 months of age. While some people “grow out” of eczema by adulthood, others will continue to suffer from eczema well into their adult lives or develop it later in life. For more information, see here.

What lifestyle changes can I make to manage and treat dry skin and eczema?

Your skincare should center around keeping dryness at bay and controlling inflammation from eczema with appropriate medications. If itching and dryness is severe, we recommend that you see a dermatologist who can subscribe appropriate medication. It is better to treat flare-ups where the symptoms worsen sooner rather than later. Otherwise be diligent in protecting the skin’s moisture:

  • Practice proper sun protection, as sun exposure causes the skin to dry.
  • Turn down your water temperature when bathing or showering. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils, resulting in dry skin.
  • Limit exposure to the cold dry air during winters with scarves and long sleeves. Make a habit of applying moisturizers regularly.
What skincare products are suitable for treating eczema?

Appropriate moisturizers must be used consistently to keep the skin surface hydrated, and treatments are often used to control flare-ups. Treatments often contain corticosteroids to reduce itching and inflammation, and work well with moisturizers.

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