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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why isn’t our product or brand represented?
DermApproved does not endorse particular brands. We review individual products, but thousands of new beauty products enter the market every year. DermApproved is not a comprehensive encyclopedia. We do our best to cover as many products as is feasible, but there are simply too many products to be comprehensive. If your product is a non-prescription beauty product, and has an ingredient list available for the public, please submit your application.
Can we contact members of your board directly?
No. It’s important to us that the integrity of our process is not undermined. We do not disclose the members that evaluate particular products to third parties as a matter of principle, except that they are board certified dermatologists.
I’m no dermatologist, but I disagree with your assessment.
We agree that user input is an important piece of information, and we want to make sure that users can see what users think. Please comment under the product section if you have feedback on the product.
Why aren’t cosmetic procedures on this website?
Actually, there are many resources for cosmetic procedures. We don’t yet have any recommended procedures as these vary in price ranges, quality, and on individual preference widely. We are looking at providing more information about various services, and a directory for where patients can perform office treatments in the future.

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We currently are not adding any new products to our database.

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