The Democratization of Beautiful Skin

If you ask them, our panel of dermatologists will tell you that clear, youthful skin is not just for the lucky or the rich. It’s achievable for everyone.

The issue is that most people just don’t have the time to achieve it. There are new products introduced daily, and it’s exhausting trying to filter all of the advice you hear from magazines, beauticians, friends and even strangers.

While there are expert resources out there, not everyone can visit the dermatologist or spend hours researching the right product.

At DermApproved, we’re committed to helping you – and every other busy person like you – realize your skin potential. You deserve to look your best every day. That’s why we’ve developed the technology to help you find doctor-recommended solutions in a matter of minutes. It’s personalized, it’s convenient, and it’s free.

Say goodbye to the age of “beauty secrets” and hello to the age of access and truth for all.

Todd O’Donald
CEO, DermApproved