Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Could Save Your Dad’s Skin

Would your dad laugh in your face if you told him to exfoliate? You’re not alone.

A recent study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that middle-aged men and older men were the demographics least likely to perform monthly skin cancer self-examinations or visit a dermatologist regularly. The lack of interest results in delayed diagnoses, which is part of the reason why older men are most at risk for melanoma.

For skin care -resistent guys, skin cancer isn’t the only risk. Inadequate skin care can also result in premature aging, acne breakouts, and various other skin conditions.

So, consider this a call to arms! Don’t sit back while a man you love sabotages his skin. Check out these helpful gift ideas that could help you lead him to the path of skin enlightenment:

A skin care product gift basket.

For a lot of guys, the phrase “skin care routine” stirs up feelings of fear and anxiety. All of those products with their specific instructions and hard-to-read labels! It can seem like a time-consuming nightmare.

To alleviate the anxiety, give him the gift of a new skin care routine. Find out what products are right for his skin type and show him how a basic skin care regimen can become a seamless part of into his everyday life.

Here’s a list of ingredients for a potential gift basket:

Pro Tip: To minimize confusion, label every product in his bathroom (for example, label his moisturizer “MOISTURIZER.”)

A pair of sunglasses and a hat.

Taking precautions against sun damage reduces the risk of developing wrinkles, brown spots, and leathery skin, and skin cancer. In addition to wearing sunscreen, the American Cancer Society recommends keeping skin covered when outside during the daytime.

If you have a sunscreen -averse father, cool new shades and a hip new hat could be great ways for him protect his face from harmful rays.

A new smartphone cover.

Smartphones get stuffed into pockets and bags and left on surfaces where they rub up against all kinds of germ -ridden substances. Then what do we do with them? We press them to our faces, which can cause breakouts and other skin conditions.

If your dad has been using the same crusty old smartphone cover for years, consider getting him a new, easy-to-sanitize one.

A spa gift certificate.

A trip to a spa can be a great way to introduce a dad to the therapeutic joys and health benefits of taking proper care of his skin and nails. While he’s there he can enjoy a relaxing massage, take a dip in a hot spring, and, if all goes according to plan, get a pedicure and a facial.

A dermatologist consultation

It may not be the most “fun” gift in the world, but if in your heart of hearts you know your dad won’t change his ways unless the advice comes out of the mouth of a trained medical doctor, buy him a consultation.

A dermatologist will be able to give him advice specific to his skin issues, needs, and medical concerns.

As we’ve already mentioned, older men are most at risk for skin cancer. Taking an active interest in your father’s skin care won’t just make him look and feel better –it could literally save his life.