Beauty Doesn’t Have to Be Baffling

What happens when two Internet veterans see a problem? They have to solve it.

The problem is that the world of beauty and skincare is terrifically complicated. No one can figure out what products to use, and most people are wasting gobs of money on trial and error.

To make things easier and more effective, my partner Joe Berkowitz and I joined forces with a team of leading dermatologists.

We all believed there had to be a better way for you to find out which products really work.

At DermApproved, our goal is to simplify skincare by providing credible information and product recommendations. We want to empower you so that you so that you never buy a dud again. How do we do that?

Our dermatologists help you identify your beauty issue, learn about your treatment options – from procedures to prescriptions to over-the-counter products – and find real solutions that will improve or reverse your condition.

You can rely on our personalized recommendations for three important reasons:

  1. We’ve aggregated all of the available scientific research on what active ingredients actually work – and for whom.
  2. For a product to be recommended, our panel of dermatologists must reach a consensus on its effectiveness for your specific issue.
  3. We are brand agnostic. Therefore, we are not biased towards or against any brands. We only care if the products and active ingredients work. Period.

Dermatologists already know which beauty and skincare products are imposters – and which are legit. Now, you will too.


Todd O’Donald
CEO, DermApproved