A Sun Protection Specialist Shares Her Skincare Routine

“We used to think sunscreen was only necessary when you go to the beach to prevent sunburn,” said Elizabeth Hale, MD, a Board Certified Dermatologist and a Clinical Associate Professor at the New York University School of Medicine. “Now we know UVA rays penetrate 365 days a year. They penetrate through windows, clouds. If you’re in your office or in your car, the UVA rays can penetrate the windows. UVA rays are the UV rays that contribute to aging.”

Dr. Hale has lectured extensively on the detection and treatment of skin cancer. It should come as no surprise that sun protection is a major element of her daily regimen.


1. Antioxidants. “The first topical I use is usually an antioxidant serum. The one I’m using now is Meaningful Beauty.”

2. Sun Protection. “In the morning, sunscreen is an absolute must. I put it on over my antioxidant serum. I wear sunscreen everyday –even when it’s raining, because the UVA rays are always there. I even wear sunglasses when it’s raining!”


1. Cleanse. “At night I like to clean my face. A lot of my patients prefer to use the Clarisonic devices. I personally like facial wipes. I just wipe my face down. I’m very simple.”

2. Retinol. “Topicals in the retinoid family can slow down aging. I use a prescription retinoid product every night. I always caution people that retinol can make the skin really dry and irritated. You have to incorporate it into your routine gradually. Start slow. Start with once a week, then up it to a few times a week, then start using it every other night. Eventually, you can build up to every night. It should be worn at night.”

3. Stem cells. “After retinoid I use the stem cell product from Lifeline Skincare. I just finished a study that involved using Lifeline to slow down the aging of the skin. This product makes a big difference. It helps stimulate collagen.”