Vitamin K refers to a group of related compounds that have a variety of functions. It is primarily an essential vitamin required by your liver to form proteins that promote blood clotting and prevent abnormal bleeding. The effect it has on blood vessels has led to its use in cosmeceuticals and skin care products. Vitamin K cream, applied topically, is helpful in reducing the redness of rosacea, bruising associated with actinic purpura, and bruising associated with Schamberg’s disease, which is a disorder in which the very small blood vessels from the ankle to the knee burst. If applied before and after cosmetic surgeries, vitamin K also can also lessen the appearance of any associated bruising. Additionally, vitamin K may be used to reduce discomfort associated with chemical peels. Vitamin K is also used in some cosmetic or herbal creams as it may lighten redness caused by broken blood vessels, and to treat skin irritation such as burns and sunburns, and scarring. Side effects are rare, and mainly consist of allergic rashes if vitamin K is applied to the skin.

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