Carbohydrates are a primary energy source for all life on earth including the major organic building block of human skin. The molecules that contain carbohydrates can be quite complex polysaccharides (chain-like sugars) and a proper balance of these sugars is the critical ingredient in healthy skin structure.

Polysaccharides are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and retain water. They are also critical for skin repair and skin renewal.

Dry skin (lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity etc) is caused by two factors:

  • Damage to the skin’s protective barrier which results in natural water loss
  • A natural reduction in the concentration of the skin’s polysaccharides

Damaged skin needs to be protected at the surface and allowed to heal from within. There are some skin care ingredients that help the skin repair itself thoroughly. In fact, any skin-care product claiming to have an effect on wrinkles should contain a mix of antioxidants as well as cellular triggers that foster polysaccharide balance.

Bio-scientists are developing polysaccharides that can restore the natural hydration process and as the science develops, these will produce natural results in anti-aging formulations.

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