Lanolin (wool grease) comes from the sebaceous glands of sheep. The lanolin is extracted when the wool is processed into textiles. Lanolin’s role in nature is to protect wool and skin against the climate and environment. Lanolin is capable of absorbing almost 200% of its weight in water. It can also redistribute this moisture to where it’s needed. In other words, it can both prevent moisture loss and rehydrate. It’s no surprise that lanolin is a go-to ingredient for manufacturers of skincare products. For example:

  • It appears in skin creams as well as ointments, sunscreen lotions and cleansers.
  • In shampoo and shower gel it acts as a conditioner.
  • In lip gloss it’s used as a gloss enhancing agent.
  • In foundations it acts as an emulsifier, stabilizer and moisturizer
  • In aftershaves it acts as a moisturizer
  • In nail polish remover, it prevents drying out the surrounding skin
  • In lipstick and eye make up, it helps disperse pigment evenly
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