Amino acid proteins are the building blocks needed for healthy firm skin. One of the most important ones is collagen. There are a number of companies that include collagen in their creams, however, research shows that you cannot supplement collagen levels by using a cream that contains it. For these creams to work, the collagen would have to penetrate the skin’s surface skin and be absorbed into the inner layer. Unfortunately, collagen comes from animal skin and its molecules are simply too large to penetrate the skin. It simply remains on the surface of the skin, providing no intrinsic benefit. Outside of topical formulas, there are a couple of ways to replenish the body’s collagen.

Collagen injections can fill in the skin underneath wrinkles. If the idea of a needle regular needles enough to dissuade you, there are some obvious drawbacks including pain, discomfort, allergic reaction, infection, uneven results and fairly high cost.

You can stimulate your body to naturally produce more collagen. In addition to good, fundamental, skin care on a daily basis, a disciplined approach to diet, exercise and rest is important. Make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C, which is required for collagen to work effectively. There are also several skin care cream ingredients (lycopene, CoQ10, coffeeberry, copper peptides to name a few) that may be able to penetrate the skin and encourage collagen growth naturally. This approach will be far more beneficial than attempting to add collagen directly.

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