The Talika story began over 60 years ago in the ophthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital “Hôpitaux de Paris.” A young female doctor named Danielle Roches developed an antibacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure the facial burns of soldiers and civilians injured during WWII. Not only did the cream help heal damaged skin, but it also helped the burned lashes of patients grow back quickly and dramatically. Today, in keeping with Dr. Roches’ legacy, Talika’s research labs are dedicated to developing easy-to-use eye and skin care products made with natural, plant-based active ingredients that provide long-lasting, visible results. All Talika products are clinically tested by a team of dermatologists at the Hôpitaux Paris Pitié-Salpetrière.


  • Paris Eyelash Conditioning Cream Night Repair and Treatment of Your Lashes
  • Lash Conditioning Cleanser Oil Free Eye Makeup Removers
  • Eyelash Conditioning Cream
  • Eye Detox Contour Gel
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