Natura Bisse

Natura Bissé was founded in Barcelona in 1979 by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras. His research on hydrolyzing collagen, keratin and elastin proteins led to the discovery of free form natural amino acids, which when broken down into their smallest forms, could effectively penetrate deep into the skin, providing maximum benefits and beautifying results. Over the past 30 years, Natura Bissé has become one of the most highly regarded and innovative brands in the luxury skin care industry. They currently offer a wide array of products, including anti-aging products for the face and body, sun care products and specialized skin care treatments for both men and women.


  • Brilliance Lightening Finishing Mask
  • Brilliance Lightening Milk
  • Brilliance Nourishing Lightening Cream
  • Brilliance Intensive Lightening Complex
  • Brilliance Lightening Toner
  • Brilliance SPF 15 Protective Lightening Cream
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