Borghese has combined the tradition of classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility to create a collection of color and treatment products of unparalleled effectiveness and quality that celebrate the unique beauty in every woman.

Built on a heritage that dates back to the 14th century when people first sought the healing waters of the Tuscan Earth, Borghese was the first to respect the synergy between health and nature, luxury and science. With their exclusive Acqua di VitaT Living Water Complex, sourced from the famed thermal springs, Borhese has developed nourishing re-energizing skincare therapies far ahead of the market surge in organic treatments.

From classic favorites like Fango Active Mud, to state-of-the-art Crema Straordinaria, Borghese’s innovative products combine time honored botanicals and cutting edge technology to gently, yet effectively address your individual beauty concerns.

Borghese believes beauty is not bound by age. They believe that innovation should fuse the traditional and the avant guarde. Most importantly, They believe every woman has a secret beauty waiting to be revealed and want to help her discover it. Welcome to the beauty of Borghese!

  • Crema Straordinaria
  • Fango Active Mud
  • Hydra Minerali Revital Extract Cream
  • Cura-C Eye Cream
  • Dolce Notte
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