Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals® started the mineral makeup revolution with the introduction of their award-winning 100% pure bareMinerals® Foundation with SPF 15. Now, there is bareMinerals Skincare, which is based around their proprietary RareMinerals Active Soil Complex. Extracted from nutritionally dense virgin soil, this blend of 72 micro and macro minerals dramatically improves the appearance of skin by increasing cell turnover and providing antioxidants at levels significantly greater than blueberries or pomegranates. With this breakthrough complex as its cornerstone ingredient, bareMinerals Skincare offers an array of cleansers, moisturizers and skin treatments.

  • BareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper
  • Purely Nourishing Moisturizer Combination Skin
  • Faux Tan
  • Purely Nourishing Cream Dry Skin Series
  • Rare MineralsTM Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream
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