Alpha Hydrox

Designed to treat sun damaged, dry, wrinkled and aging skin as well as acne, Alpha Hydrox’s skin creams, lotions, oil-free formulas and body washes help to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creases. They also even skin tone and unclog pores, helping to banish problem-prone skin. Effective and affordable, Alpha Hydrox will help your skin look and feel younger, smoother and softer. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) used in Alpha Hydrox products are advanced natural exfoliants that gently and gradually “peel away” dead surface skin cells, allowing fresh, new cells to emerge. AHAs, which include glycolic acid, are recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons throughout the world because they have been shown to improve the appearance of the skin.

  • Eye and Upper Lip Cream
  • Retinol ResQ
  • AHA Souffle
  • Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener
  • Nourishing Cleanser
  • Night Replenishing Cream
  • Vanishing Blemish Solution
  • Toner Astringent for Normal to Oily Skin
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